Brit spends £330,000 on champagne

ChampagneBritish millionaire Charles Shaker really shook up the atmosphere at an exclusive bash at the Monaco Grand Prix last weekend, by splashing out £330,000 on one round of champagne.

Shaker, 32, forked out for Armand de Brignac's Brut Gold Dynastie collection - equal to 109 standard bottles - and invited everyone present to help him drink it.


The collection, which was carried into the room by 12 waiters, was made up of nine different sized bottles, including a 30 litre Midas bottle that weighed in at a hefty 100 lbw and took four men to carry.

Most of us only drink champagne out of normal 75ml bottles, but the fizzy French wine actually comes in bottles of various sizes.

Starting with a Magnum, which is equal to two bottles, you can also buy champagne in 3l Jeraboams that contain four standard bottles, eight bottle Methuselahs and even 40 bottle Midas giants like the one Shaker shelled out for in Monaco - to name but a few.

Shaker, who made his millions offering financial advice and wealth management services, said: "Buying it was such a joy and I wanted everyone to be part of the celebration."

According to the Mirror, the VIP guests invited to glug down Shaker's champagne with him at the Billionaire Club in Monaco included Formula One chief Flavio Briatore, champagne firm Armand de Brignac boss Brett Berish and actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

But while they may have enjoyed the gesture, The Sun newspaper points out that Shaker's £330,000 could have been spent on much less frivolous services, such as paying 15 NHS nurses' wages for a whole year.

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