What's McDonald's selling with 1,142 calories?


McDonalds Tokyo

McDonald's has created its highest-calorie product of all time. The Mega Potato is an extra-large box of fries - around twice a large portion, and contains an incredible 1,142 calories.

So why the launch, and will it take off?

Mega Potato

The new item was unveiled in Japan Today. It's only available for a limited time - and is actually the second time it has featured on the Japanese menu, at a cost of roughly £5.

In calorie terms its something of a blockbuster - coming in way above calorie-laden favourites like the 440 calorie double cheeseburger and the 460 calorie large french fries. At 1,142 calories, it's more than half the recommended daily calorie intake for a woman.

However, it's worth adding a bit of context. It has been launched as a product that's 'perfect for sharing', and the photo advertising the product shows four people tucking into it. If you decided to go it alone with a mega potato, the chances are that they would cool down and go soggy before you got to the end anyway.

The question is whether is will be bought as intended, or whether it will encourage people to pig out. eRocketnews24 has highlighted an odd trend for consuming massive portions of fries at so-called potato parties - complete with photographs. At these sorts of events, the mega potato wouldn't even touch the sides.

Will it take off?

There are doubts, however, whether the company would risk rolling the product out elsewhere. In Japan, obesity is less of a hot potato than in other countries. In the US and UK, McDonald's has been working hard to emphasise that it's possible to eat relatively healthily at the chain. The addition of a bucket of chips to the menu might not help that particular cause.

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