Royal Mail driver stole £230k of parcels


Royal Mail lorry

A Royal Mail driver has been jailed for stealing parcels worth almost £230,000. Paul Doughty, 57, from Devon Court, Liverpool, kept much of the cash in a range of bank accounts, as well as buying himself a timeshare in the Canary Islands, and a caravan.

And he's not the only Royal Mail employee to have abused his position.


It's not known exactly how much Doughty stole. Royal Mail paid out £228,935.28 in insurance claims for the stolen post, but it could be more, given that not everyone will have made a claim.

The Daily Mail reported that the pattern of missing recorded delivery parcels alerted Royal Mail to the problem in 2011. Investigations revealed that Doughty may be involved, so a surveillance operation was started.

According to the Warrington Guardian, Simon Clarke, prosecuting, told Warrington Crown Court what they found: "He was stopping his Royal Mail HGV at the side of the motorway and removing mail sacks and putting them into black bin bags before hiding them in bushes at the roadside. When he had finished his duty he would return in a private vehicle to collect the bags and dispose of them through what is thought to be a network of buyers."

Doughty pleaded not guilty, but admitted fraud charges in March. He was jailed for three years and nine months. The Judge said: "'Those who are employed by Royal Mail have a special position and are regarded as people the public have a high degree of trust in." He added: "This was pure, unadulterated greed."

Not the first

However, he is not the first to have abused this trust. In February we reported the case of Jabur Hissan, a 32-year-old postman from Birmingham, who was jailed for eight months for destroying almost 30,000 letters that he should have delivered. He was apparently having personal problems and struggling to keep up with his rounds.

Then there was postman Paul Willicot, a 44 year old from Paignton in Devon, found guilty of hoarding over 30,000 letters that he didn't get round to delivering, and sentenced to community service in November 2011.

And let's not forget 38-year-old Yogeshbhai Patel, a postman from Wigston, Leicester, who stole mail including 2,000 DVDs and 2,250 games along with CDs and other electrical equipment. Patel pocketed £46,686 over two-and-a-half years. He was jailed for two years.

Clearly there are many millions of letters and parcels which are diligently delivered by trustworthy Royal Mail employees. However, if you should be unlucky enough to have post go missing, it's worth checking out this guide we put together on how to make a claim for missing mail.

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