Poundcafe draws in cash-strapped punters



Inspired by the success of the £1-or-less pricing models, one cafe in Kirkby Merseyside has hit on the cunning plan of launching the Poundcafe - where diners can get a four-item cooked breakfast for just £1.

So what do you get for your money, and would you buy breakfast for £1?

The deal

The Poundcafe told the Daily Mail it had 300 diners in the first few hours of trading. For £1 you have a choice between any four of a number of breakfast items, including: egg, bacon, sausage, hash brown, baked beans or tomatoes. If you want another item it'll only cost another 25p.

It's actually the latest brainchild of the Poundbakery chain. Keeley Palin, marketing manager for Poundcafe, told Click Liverpool: "We started in Leigh with pasties and pastries for one pound or less two years ago and opened our 60th store today."

Is it a good deal?

It's a great deal compared to the average cost of breakfast on the go. According to Warburtons, this is £3.09 - but that includes those who have toast from a cafe as well as those wanting something cooked, and only about 10% of us have a full cooked breakfast each week.

Typically if you want a hearty cooked breakfast, it tends to include six or seven items and come in between £4 and £7. Anything advertised as a large breakfast will come with nine or ten items for around £7-£9 (including Little Chef's iconic Olympic Breakfast for £7.69). Of course, where you are in the country, and the quality of products that the establishment uses will have a massive influence on the price.

If you want a posh breakfast Caterer and Hotelkeeper magazine reckons a fry-up in a fancy hotel in London costs an average of £27.

However, the Poundcafe has competition for cheap breakfasts. Ikea, for example, will do a six item breakfast for £1.50 (during the week, with an Ikea Family card) or a nine item breakfast for £2.15. Toby Carvery, meanwhile, offers all you can eat for £3.99.

If you cook it yourself, even allowing for the gas or electricity you use, you can get a four item cooked breakfast for little more than 50p - assuming you are happy with the value end of the supermarket ranges.

But what do you think? Would you flock for a £1 breakfast? Would you pay more? Or would you prefer porridge? Let us know in the comments.

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