Freebie Friday: this week's discounts, deals and freebies


Freebie Friday

Welcome to Freebie Friday, a weekly round up of the very best discounts, deals and freebies around.

It's Friday. We're not going to tell you how to celebrate the finest days of the week. Instead, we're going to provide six great freebies and bargains that could help improve your weekend enormously - one way or another.

12% off apologies

If there's a woman (or a metrosexual man) in your life that you owe an apology too, then you could diffuse the atmosphere and have a much less tense weekend by buying them flowers. If you use this code from you can get a handy 12% off as long as you spend at least £25 by 19 May.

Free Friday drinks

Actually you can have free drinks any day of the week with this deal spotted by users of If you sign up to the Pitcher and Piano newsletter you can get your hands on a glass of Pimm's and lemonade or a pint of Budvar completely free. Once you sign up, you'll get a code. Print it off or take it into the pub on your smart phone.

Free disguise

If you're going out (or recovering from having done so), you can get a helping hand from some free Avon make-up. It's included on the cover of Marie Claire this month. The magazine costs £3.80, but you get a choice of lipstick (worth £8.50), eyeliner (worth £6) or an eyebrow pencil (worth £6), so it's a decent freebie.

Discounted bragging

Apple is known for not offering discounts, so this one is quite rare. Highlighted by, PC World is offering 5% off Apple products with the code: ACOMP5. The deal runs until the 22nd May, so you have a few days to convince whoever shares the purse strings that you really do need something shiny and Appley in your life.

Free driving theory practice

If you're about to take your theory test, this free practice test highlighted by users of, may come in handy. There are 50 questions, and it'll take you through all the answers to help you improve. If you passed years ago you could give it a go and see just how rusty you have become. Clearly it's not the most rip-roaring weekend's entertainment, but the geek in you will love it.

Bargain lingerie

What you choose to do with this one is entirely up to you, but courtesy of, you can get £5 off orders over £30 from Marks & Spencer lingerie until 22 May by using the code LINGERIE at the checkout.