Cameron 'open to all ideas' on RBS

David Cameron has said he is "open to all ideas" on returning the Royal Bank of Scotland to private ownership.

The Prime Minister said "step one" was to get the majority state-owned bank back to a healthy condition, and argued that progress had been made.

Speaking to reporters during his trip to the US, Mr Cameron said: "I think the important thing is to return this bank to health.

"And there's a strategy under way, it's made some progress in selling down surplus assets and building up positive assets.
"I keep a very close eye on this and want to make sure progress is made as fast as possible.

"In terms of returning RBS to the private sector, involving people in owning this bank in a genuine way, I'm open to all ideas and proposals.

"But it seems to me the primary question is getting this bank back into good health, and then obviously... there are connections between the ownership and health but step one is to continue the path to health and step two is to think about ways of changing its ownership."

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