Grandmother jailed for £75k benefits fraud



Kay Wilson, a grandmother from Wetley Rocks in Staffordshire, fraudulently claimed an astonishing £75,000 in benefits over eight years. During that time she had worked in four separate full-time jobs, earning up to £20,000 a year on top of her benefits.

So how was she caught, and is this the most embarrassing way to be found out?


According to The Daily Mail, the 54-year-old, suffered three strokes and started claiming benefits in 1993. In 1998 she informed the Department of Work and Pensions that they had rendered her too ill to get out of bed.

However, the Sun reported that in 2003 she had recovered enough to go to work, and between 2003 and 2011 she was earning up to £20,000 a year working full-time. She never told the government about her change in circumstances, and during that eight year period she also claimed £74,769 in disability benefits.

Caught out

She was caught after investigators discovered she was paying National Insurance, and therefore must be working.

Her case was not helped by the fact she had appeared in a 'calendar girls' calendar, posing with nothing but pies and cakes to spare her blushes. The calendar featured the employees of one of the companies she worked for - and effectively exposed her position as a member of staff.

She was jailed for 32 days for benefit fraud.

Most embarrassing

So is this the most embarrassing way to be caught out?

There are plenty of shockers that give her a run for her money.

In March we reported the case of the man who was found guilty of benefits fraud of £20,000. He had claimed he was living with his landlady, but was rumbled after appearing on Gok Wan's show, How to Look Good Naked, supporting his girlfriend.

We also revealed the tale of the man caught swindling the taxpayer out of almost £90,000, after claiming disabilities while working as a gym instructor.

Then, in November last year, a man was caught stealing £100,000 in benefits, after filling in the names of his disability carers in a variety of names - including D Duck and P Shiltern.

And of course there's Caroline Banana, who thought she could continue claiming benefits without declaring a windfall of £95,000 - despite the fact she had won the cash on national TV.

It starts to make the decision to pose in a calendar of employees look relatively wise.

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