Arsenal fan steals £100k of Jose Mourinho's valuables



A burglar, who took £106,600 of jewellery from former Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho's hotel suite, has been jailed. The items included a ring worth over £50,000 that the manager had given to his wife Matilde.

The press has reported that the burglar was an Arsenal fan.

The theft

Mourinho and his family were staying at the Wyndham Grand Hotel in London. Mourhino himself was called away on business and his wife and teenage daughter were out shopping when the burglar struck.

According to the Telegraph, Jamie Filan, 33, used the service lift to bypass security in order to get to the penthouse suite. He then filled Mourinho's Louis Vuitton suitcase with a host of valuables.

The Daily Mail says that these included a gold watch and earrings worth £30,450, a gold bracelet worth £14,900 and a gold and diamond cross worth £2,450. He also took a iPad, an Apple Macbook Pro and a coat worth £1,850. Then he took the lift back downstairs and asked the concierge to book him a taxi.

There is speculation that Filan is an Arsenal fan - after his Facebook page revealed a number of photos of him in an Arsenal shirt (plus one in a Manchester City shirt).

According to The Mirror, Filan, formerly of Eccelstone Square, Westminster, and now of Lythemere, Orton Malborne, Peterborough, has 19 previous convictions for 49 offences including 21 for theft. He was caught two-weeks later as he tried to rob a suite at the Four Seasons in Park Lane, and pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary. He was sentenced to 31 months in prison, and banned from all hotels in London for five years after he is released.

Not alone

The prosecuting lawyer said that the family were very distressed to be targeted in this way, but they are far from the only famous family to fall victim to burglars. Some of the cases, are definitely stranger than others:

In March 2011, Madonna was the victim of a break-in, after a man entered her home in London, and tried on Guy Richie's clothes. The only thing he actually stole was a can of Red Bull.

Celine Dion also had a bizarre burglary experience - after a man broke into her Montreal home and ate some pastries from the fridge. He tripped an alarm in the process, and the police arrived just as the man was getting into the bath.

Pamela Anderson had a more stealthy burglar. The actress noticed food and clothes going missing, but put it down to being forgetful. She eventually discovered the burglar had been living in a spare room for days.

Jon Bon Jovi was more successfully burgled. The intruder took $100,000 of jewellery - but was found hiding out just three houses away.

Rihanna, meanwhile, escaped having anything taken by her burglar. He was arrested near her home in Southern California, after mistakenly breaking into one of her neighbours' houses. Apparently he had read directions to her home on the internet and got confused.

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