Where are the UK's richest small towns?

WindsorWhen the royal standard is flying above Windsor castle, local residents know they are in regal company. And when the Queen is not at home and the flag is not flying, they can make do with the knowledge that they live in the wealthiest small town in Britain.

Windsor is top of the tables for the UK's wealthiest towns and villages, according to research published by WealthInsight. The Berkshire town is home to 850 dollar millionaires (people with assets of more than US$1m, or £653,424).

According to Guy Moseley, of Windsor estate agents Leyton, Smith & Moseley, close proximity to London, with two stations getting commuters into the city in under an hour, and easy access to the M4 and M25 mean the Berkshire town has a great location.

Local state schools have an excellent reputation and private schools are rather sought after too, including St George's School, set in the town centre just outside the castle walls.

Handsome houses in the centre of town, within walking distance of high end shops, keep city workers happy at weekends, and expensive properties are sold before they make it into estate agents' windows.

"We have three properties for sale on Park Street, Windsor's most expensive street, one at £2.5m, one at £1.5m and £1.65m," says Moseley. "All three received offers within one week of being on the market, and all will reach the guide price and may even go for more."

Windsor is joined on the top ten by nearby Bray, number nine on the list, where Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck restaurant can be found. Bray has a population of 4,600 and counts more than 300 millionaires among its residents.

Towns within easy reach of London dominate the top ten, with the exception of Alderly Edge in Cheshire and Hale in Greater Manchester, at number seven and eight respectively.

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"Alderley Edge is considered to be the most affluent town in the North West, particularly Whitebarn Road which is one of the most expensive streets in the UK," said Andrew Amolis, analyst at WealthInsight.

Henley-on-Thames, at number five on the list, is the town where numbers of millionaires is growing fastest, the research suggests. The number of so-called high net worth individuals increased by 25% between 2007 and 2012. "This compares very well with general UK millionaire numbers which declined by 9% over that period," said Amolis.

He added that the high ranking of Beaconsfield, at number four, was "unsurprising." "It has the highest average house price outside of London (over US$750,000 per home). It also has the highest average income per household of US$110,000."

Among those places narrowly missing the top ten were Ilkley in Yorkshire, which has more than 200 millionaires, and Chipping Camden in Gloucestershire, which is home to around 2,000 people, more than 200 of whom are millionaires.

According to WealthInsight, the ten wealthiest small towns and villages in the UK are:
RankingTownRegionNearest Major City (M)PopulationNo. of Millionaires
1WindsorSouth EastLondon (17)27000850-900
2WeybridgeSouth EastLondon (8)19500800-850
3SevenoaksSouth EastLondon (24)18500800-850
4BeaconsfieldSouth EastLondon (16)12000450-500
5Henley on ThamesSouth EastLondon (30)10600400-450
6MarlowSouth EastLondon (21)14000350-400
7HaleNorth WestManchester (7)15300300-350
8Alderley EdgeNorth WestManchester (14)4400300-350
9BraySouth EastLondon (25)4600300-350
10Ascot (incl. Sunninghill)South EastLondon (14)11600250-300

10 wealthiest small towns in the UK

10 wealthiest small towns in the UK

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