Kerry Katona back on TV in payday loan advert


Kerry Katona

Payday loans broker Cash Lady is certainly willing to face controversy head-on. When it chose the famous face of bankrupt Kerry Katona for its TV adverts, there was some disquiet. Then when the Advertising Standards Authority banned the advert for being irresponsible, others may have reconsidered their selection.

However, Cash Lady is not worried, and Kerry Katona is back just four days later.


The advert triggered concerns in January when it first launched, because Katona had been made bankrupt in 2008 after failing to pay a tax bill. The advert played on the fact she was a famous face who was known for having had financial problems - which customers could identify with. However, there were concerns whether those who could identify with a bankrupt were ideal candidates to be borrowing money at high interest rates.

As we reported, the ASA banned the advert after viewers complained that it was irresponsible because it focused on Katona's financial problems and encouraged people in a similar situation to borrow.

The ASA agreed, and added that it was misleading and irresponsible because it promoted itself as an alternative to banks - and yet it charged interest at 2,000% (and tended to charge £29 a month for every £100 borrowed).

It added that details of the APR were not more prominent than other information in the advert - which breached its code.

New advert

The new advert takes all this on board. It doesn't refer to Katona's financial troubles of the past or compare payday loans to high street bank loans, so it is entirely legal.

Whether it is wise is another question entirely.

The famous faces of bankruptcy

The famous faces of bankruptcy

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