Vaccines fans asked to name the singer to gain gig entry


Justin Young

Six people were refused entry to a Vaccines gig at Venue Cymru in Llandudno, Wales - after they couldn't name the lead singer. Security guards turned quiz-masters for the evening, after a tip-off that the event was being targeted by pickpockets.

So did it work? And was it fair?


According to The Daily Post, the security guards asked concert-goers to name the band before the gig on Monday. Then they asked them to name the lead singer (Justin Young), and the band's albums (What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? and Come Of Age).

Some of those who couldn't name the singer or the albums were refused entry. In all, six people were turned away and had their £18.50 tickets confiscated. Two more were asked to leave after gaining entry.

Is it fair?

On the one hand, it could be deemed a success. The move was designed to weed out the pickpockets, and there were no reported thefts on the evening and no-one was arrested.

Gangs of pickpockets targeting mobile phones has become a real threat for concert-goers, because they can strike easily among a distracted crowd. Phones are not just taken out of pockets, but from zipped bags, and even snatched from people who are taking photographs. Some gangs will target specific venues, while others will follow a tour, striking at every gig.

Fans of the Vaccines are considered a good target because there's close contact in the crowd, especially at the front of the stage. They have been targeted on this tour already: at a show last week in Bridlington 20 smartphones were taken.

On the other hand, there were some real fans refused entry after a momentary memory lapse. Andy Bellis from Wrexham, a singer in a local band, told the Daily Mail that he felt under pressure and couldn't remember the details. He was refused entry.

Venue manager Sarah Ecob told the Mail that they had taken the step after receiving information that pickpockets were preparing to target the event. She apologised to Bellis and any other true fans refused entry, and confirmed that tickets would be refunded.

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