Women stole £160k - but only repays £10k


Hull Crown Court

Caroline Woollen, a 33-year-old manager from Brough in East Yorkshire, admitted to stealing almost £160,000 from her employer - Danish company Nordic Offshore. Most of the money was spent on luxury holidays for her and her boyfriend and designer clothes.

She has been ordered to repay £10,000 - which is all she has left.

The fraud

Woollen tricked her employer - a company that provides workers for the offshore industry - into thinking she had won contacts for the firm. She was given almost £160,000 to enable her to pay workers to complete the contracts. However, she took the cash herself instead.

Hull Crown Court heard that she had spent the money on a number of luxury holidays, in an effort to prevent her boyfriend from leaving her. He eventually left after discovering the fraud.

She also splashed out on designer clothes, which the court heard was partly an effort to impress her millionaire father - who died from a stroke shortly after he discovered her crimes.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the judge described her as having a "Walter Mitty' existence - which included having pretended to attend college to impress her family and compete with her siblings.

The payment

In January Woollen was given a two-year suspended sentence, ordered to attend an alcohol treatment course, and to do 300 hours of unpaid work.

This week, according to the Daily Mail, a hearing was held to discover how much of the money could be recovered from her. In total she was also ordered to repay just £9,240 - which is all she has left. She has no assets left to sell in order to recover more of the cash.

It seems, therefore, that crime pays - as long as you're willing to fritter it all away before the authorities catch up with you.

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