Black pudding given protected status

The Stornoway black pudding has become the most protected pudding in the world as it has been given protected status.

According to the BBC, the European Commission has granted Stornoway's famous black pudding Protected Geographical Indication, putting it alongside the protected Cornish Pasty and French Champagne.

The ruling followed a campaign by four island butchers and Rhonda Grant MSO who expressed concern that inferior puddings were being billed as Stornoway black pudding on international menus.

The protected status means that the pudding can only be described as Stornoway black pudding if it is produced in the town or parish of Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland.

The status allows the Stornoway black pudding to join the ranks of other protected food.

Donnie Morrison, manager of Charles Macleod Butchers in Stornoway, a company who has been making Stornoway black pudding for decades, said: "The Stornoway Black Pudding Producers Association are delighted to have achieved recognition through the PGI accreditation for our product.

"The Stornoway Black Pudding has been made in the Outer Hebrides for hundreds of years on the crofts and so the emergence of imitation "Stornoway Style" black puddings in the market place proved to be a very real threat to the economic well being of the Stornoway Butchers' businesses that trade in a national and international market place.

"Our aim has always been to protect the Stornoway brand - it's a food product that is intrinsically linked back to the Outer Hebrides and we have a duty to safeguard the island's food heritage. We are extremely thankful to all our supporters who have helped us over the last five years."

In 2011, The Telegraph reported that the Cornish pasty was given EU protected status and that the Newmarket sausage was awarded the same level of EU protection in 2012.

Other foods that enjoy the same protection under EU rules are Scottish wild salmon, Yorkshire forced rhubarb, Mexican Tequila and South African Rooibos tea.

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