Bespoke offer service launched

​Barclaycard is targeting consumers suffering from "offer fatigue" with the launch of a service promising tailored deals based on their buying history.

The Bespoke Offers website will launch on Thursday with partners including Tesco Direct, British Airways, Virgin Holidays, Shell, Samsung and Starbucks and will be open to all consumers, not just Barclaycard and Barclays customers.

Consumers will be encouraged to browse the website and mobile app, and those who choose to register will be offered deals relating to their selected preferences and, if they agree, their buying history.

It follows the rapid increase of daily deals providers such as Groupon and Wowcher, and concerns that consumers are becoming tired of a "scattergun" approach to offers.
It will offer a range of pre-pay deals and money-off discounts via scanable codes and direct links to merchant websites.

Barclaycard claims the deals could save up to £2,100 per household per year, as well as drive tens of millions of pounds of sales for UK retailers.

Barclaycard chief executive Valerie Soranno-Keating said: "We see how much UK consumers are trying to squeeze more out of every pound they spend and how UK retailers are struggling to provide incentives to the right customers to encourage more sales.

"We created bespoke offers for every consumer and retailer in the UK. We estimate that if the typical UK consumer made maximum use of bespoke offers across their household spend they could potentially save as much as £2,100 per year. For UK retailers this could amount to tens of millions of pounds in additional sales."

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