Nuisance neighbours deter buyers

HousesNuisance neighbours are the biggest turn-off for prospective homebuyers, ahead of messy gardens and bad taste decorations, a property website has found.

People living in the North East and the East of England were the most likely to cite anti-social neighbours as the biggest drag on a property, with 61% of people in both regions saying this.

The survey of 4,000 Britons by also suggested that Londoners are the least affected by what their neighbours get up to.

Just over half (52%) of homebuyers in the English capital said problem neighbours would be the leading factor to put them off, which was the lowest proportion in the study.
This compares with 57% of buyers across Britain, 58% in Wales and 55% in Scotland who said bad neighbours would be their main drawback.

Unkempt and concreted gardens were also seen as a major off-putting factor, with 28% of buyers saying this would drive them away.

Although some people may see it as convenient, one in 12 buyers (8%) said that a bus stop outside a property would be their biggest gripe.

One in 20 Britons surveyed said that dodgy decor would put them off and 1% said a scruffy car in the driveway would send them fleeing.

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