The cheapest holiday resorts

A new survey finds the Algarve is the cheapest of the major resorts many of us will be heading to this spring and summer.

Portugal's Algarve is the cheapest major holiday resort for UK holidaymakers, according to new research by Post Office Travel Money.

It took top spot from Spain's Costa Del Sol. The Spanish resort had come out cheapest in the Post Office's Worldwide Holiday Money report back in January.

It's now the second cheapest major resort, with the Costa Blanca in third.

How the Post Office calculates the cheapest resorts
To compare prices in the resorts, the Post Office researched the cost of the following ten items:

  • Cup of coffee
  • Bottle of local beer/lager
  • Bottle/can of Coca-Cola
  • Glass of wine
  • 1.5l bottle of mineral water
  • English tabloid newspaper
  • Suncream (200ml)
  • Insect repellent
  • Pack of 20 Marlboro Lights cigarettes
  • Three-course evening meal for two, including a bottle of house wine

It's something of a clichéd list, but at least it gives a ballpark idea of how expensive a destination will be.

The ten cheapest major holiday resorts


Total price of ten holiday items

Portugal: Algave


Spain: Costa del Sol


Spain: Costa Blanca


Bulgaria: Sunny Beach


Balearics: Mallorca


USA: Orlando


Turkey: Marmaris


Egypt: Sharm el Sheikh


Greece: Corfu


Cyprus: Paphos


The price of the items has fallen over the past 12 months in all but three of the destinations: Bulgaria, Turkey and Cyprus.

Sadly, it's no surprise to see price rises in Cyprus given the economic situation on the island.
The good news is that prices are falling in many Eurozone and American resorts, which helps as the pound has been falling against both the euro and the US dollar.

If you're heading to or considering Dubai, be aware that prices in Jumeirah have gone up by a whopping 66% in the past year.

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