How much did Baroness Thatcher funeral cost you?



The government has finally revealed the cost of Baroness Thatcher's funeral. Before the event took place, the world and his wife were trying to estimate how much the send-off would cost, and the figure of £10 million was bandied about.

So what did it eventually cost, and where did your money go?

The Cabinet Office has announced that the funeral cost an estimated £3.6 million. That works out at roughly 6p for every person in the UK.

Where the money went

It revealed in a statement that the ceremony itself for 2,300 people at St Paul's cost around £500,000. This includes the costs incurred by the Cathedral, the Ministry of Defence, the Foreign Office, the invitation printers and staff overtime.

It also said that the direct police and security costs were an additional £1.1 million. On top of this, there's the £2 million cost of police and security personnel who would have been on duty anyway - but would have been working elsewhere. The cost of that lost work makes up the £2 million estimate.

The cost of flowers and undertakers were met by the family.

The Cabinet Office said that further costs may emerge over the coming days before it assembles a final figure, but this isn't expected to bring the total to more than £4 million.

How it compares

In the grand scheme of famous funerals, parliament briefing papers reveal that this is something of a mid-range event.

Sir Winston Churchill's funeral was a significantly cheaper £2.75 million (adjusted for inflation). This compares to an impressive £7.7 million funeral for Princess Diana in 1997 (adjusted for inflation) and a regal £8.1 million funeral for the Queen Mother five years later.

Of course, it's in another league entirely from the sort of funeral you might be able to afford for a loved one. According to Sun Life Direct, the average funeral in the UK last year cost £3,284 - which wouldn't have covered the cost of sending the invitations.

It's a long way off the £10 million estimate. But was it worth it? Let us know in the comments.

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