Supermodel Janice Dickinson files for bankruptcy


Once a supermodel, 58-year-old Janice Dickinson is now filing for bankruptcy having racked up a cool $1m in tax debts to the US government and plastic surgeons.

Court documents shows Dickinson owes around half a million to the US tax coffers plus sums to a Beverley Hills dermatologist and Anti-Aging Centre. How did it all go so wrong?

Ugly tax trouble

Three-times married Dickinson was a successful model - she went onto to be a member of John Casablancas's Elite agency - through the 1970s and 1980s, managing to continue earning well with four cycles on reality TV Show America's Next Top Model, helped by her sharp tongue. But a mixture of tax and personal debts caught up with her.

"I am upset and taking every step to pay everyone back and I feel terrible about it," Dickinson reportedly told Radar Online. Dickinson's volatile temprament has a habit of making her enemies. Dickinson claimed Tyra Banks was soulless, heartless and cold; she also labelled Vogue editor Anna Wintour a fake.

Part of the earning problem for Dickinson though is that she never converted her modelling success into subtantial brand earning power (compared with the likes of Victoria Beckham).

Starry run-ins

Dickinson - she had more than 30 Vogue covers to her credit - joins a list of other stars whose finances have caught up with them. Last year CSI actor Gary Dourdan - he played analyst Warrick Brown - filed for bankruptcy. Earlier this year actress and singer Martine McCutcheon - McCutcheon played Tiffany Mitchell in Eastenders and starred alongside Hugh Grant in Love Actually - also declared she was broke.

Last summer Shane Filan, Westlife boy band star was declared bankrupt at 32, just a matter of days after Westlife signalled their disbanding with a goodbye concert in Dublin. The popstar revealed debts of up to £18 million.

However Filan relaunched his solo career recently with a new record deal; it's thought a new album, being recorded in Nashville, will be released at the end of this year.

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