Taxidermy, glass eyes & Star Wars: Strangest reasons for loan requests

Everyone is familiar with the performance of approaching the bank for a loan to buy a new car or property abroad, but a UK-based loans website has revealed ten of the most bizarre financial requests they've ever received...and there are some weird ones!

According to, not everyone who asks for a loan needs it to finance their latest car or open a business, some people are after a slightly different investments from tattoos to gold bullion.

Graeme Wingate, customer services director at, was quick to point out that not all of these bizarre loan requests were approved.

He said: "Some of the reasons for loans are funny, touching and sometimes shocking, but as a responsible company our priority is making sure that customers are directed to an appropriate financial solution, and sometimes another loan is not what they need."

The top ten strange reasons for requesting a loan are:

  • To buy a gold bar
  • For gender re-alignment surgery
  • A collection of antique glass eyes
  • To fund production of a home-made rocket
  • To pay a taxidermist to stuff a pet
  • To open their wallet and impress a new girlfriend with the wads of cash inside
  • To buy the latest Star Wars memorabilia as a future investment
  • To pay bankruptcy court fees
  • A new tattoo
  • To loan to a friend at a higher interest rate

A full list of's weird and wonderful loan requests can be found here.

The most popular reasons for requesting a loan are:

  • Rent or mortgage arrears
  • Bills
  • Credit card debt
  • Car loan
  • Significant household purchase

The top reasons for requesting financial aid seem pretty obvious, but have you ever needed a loan for an out-of-the ordinary reason and was it accepted? Tell us below!

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