Lottery winners swap £90k semi for £5m futuristic mansion


artist's impression

Matt and Cassey Topham, who won £45 million on the Euromillions Lottery, have applied for planning permission for a £5 million futuristic eco house - complete with a maze, grotto-style swimming pool, and secret garage.

So what are they getting for their money - and how does this compare with other lottery-winners' mansions?

The property

The newly-married couple in their early 20s have been living in an ex-council house in Stapleford, Nottinghamshire. However, according to the Daily Mail, after their win in February last year, they have decided to swap it for a state-of-the-art home, built with entertainment - and possibly a touch of the Bond Villain - in mind.

They bought a 1930s mansion in the grounds of a country park for £1.2 million, and brought in a team of architects to design them a new home to build in its place.

The architects yesterday unveiled the property on their blog - describing it as being "commissioned by an affluent couple seeking a new home that is "luxurious, environmentally-friendly and playful." It also called the brief 'unusual' and the property 'exuberant'.

The finished product has been called 'Serenity'. According to The Guardian, it is 16 times larger than the average three-bedroom family house.

It looks like four giant squashed beetles, set in a semi-circle around a sunken courtyard. They are covered in solar panels, which add to the sensation that four alien creatures are squatting in the grounds.


According to the Daily Mail, the couple's wish list includes some of the every-day mansion whistles and bells - such as eight bedrooms, a cinema, jacuzzi, snooker room, garage for ten cars and swimming pool.

It is also designed to provide the two things a £45 million lottery-winner needs - privacy and security.

However, it also includes some things that only a creative and immensely wealthy couple in their 20s would choose. The garage is underground, and the cars can be admired through a waterfall, which will fall to a pool at the centre of the house. The Guardian said this had been inspired by the Iron Man films.

The swimming pool is designed to look like a grotto, and the entrance hall had to feature a grand, sweeping staircase - which is said to have been designed by the Dynasty TV show.

It's certainly creative, although we will have to wait and see whether it gets planning permission.

How does it compare?

So how does it compare to other lottery winner's mansions?

There seem to be four routes to take.

1. The traditional stately home
Adrian and Gillian Bayford, who won £143 million, went down a more traditional route, with what has been called a 'Downton Abbey' style Grade II-listed Georgian mansion in Suffolk.

2. The modern twist on traditional
Nigel Page and Justine Laycock, who won £56 million, went for a £4 million seven-bedroom eco home converted from old farm buildings in the Cotswolds.

3. The massive modern pile
Neil and Kate Chester won £8.5 million on the Lottery and bought an enormous modern home in Romsey in Hampshire - adding to it with lottery-winner's trappings and more rooms. However, they soon put it up for sale, deciding it was too big, and that they weren't spending enough time together as a family as a result.

4. Multiple homes - to give away
Colin and Chris Weir have been busy spending the £161 million they won helping friends and family. They have moved to a mansion just down the road from their old home. However, they gave their old home away to a young teenage mum living nearby. They then proceeded to buy five new properties for friends - before setting up a charitable trust to help projects across Scotland.

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