Deal-hunters find £10.99 Tesco wine for £2.92: can you cash in?



Canny deal-hunters have found a way to stack a series of deals from Tesco in order to get 12 bottles of wine, which normally sell for £10.99 a bottle, for £2.92 a bottle.

So what were the deals, and can you take advantage?

The deal

The deal was spotted by member jullie7, who used four separate deals to pay less than a third of the usual price.

The case of Calvet Prestige Bourdeaux Blanc white wine was already reduced on the Tesco website, so six bottles cost £30 instead of £65.94. However, Tesco is also running a deal at the moment offering 25% off French wines as long as you order at least 2 cases, so she added the two deals together.

It also has a code offering £10 off a £50 spend plus free delivery, which she shared on the site as XXRKNT. And to make matters even cheaper, she used a code to get 750 Clubcard points with it - which is worth at least £7.50 depending on how you spend the points.

By stacking the deals, 12 bottles of wine which would normally have cost £131.88, cost her just £35 - with the bonus of £7.50 in points.

Can you cash in?

The bad news is that the deal was so popular that this particular case has sold out within a few hours of being advertised. One member of the deals site commented: "Gah, too late! Bargain for those that got it :D."

However, all is not yet lost, because as another member pointed out: "That wine is out of stock but if you search their French wines there are others cheap as chips which still work with the code given."

If, for example, you bought 12 bottles of Maison Fort du Roi Chablis you'd already be buying into a 50% off deal. You would then qualify for the 25% discount, bringing two cases down from £71.88 to £53.91. The £10 off code would bring it down again to £43.91. Overall it would fall from £11.99 a bottle to £3.66 a bottle.

But what do you think? Have you come across any great examples of stacking deals like this? Let us know in the comments.

Save money on shopping

Save money on shopping

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