Rugby player and coach with debts kills himself


Kennie Davies

Kenny Davies, a 23-year-old rugby player and coach from Bolton, killed himself after struggling with serious debts. The out-of-work former labourer had agreed a debt management plan, but had started to borrow again. He had run up debts with neighbours and had contacted a number of payday loans companies.

He couldn't see any way out of the problem.

Davies was a player and junior team coach at Langworthy Reds Amateur Rugby League Club. He also played fly-half for Bowdon Rugby Union Football Club.

At the time of his death, he was out of work and had run into money trouble. According to a report in the Daily Mail, he made enquiries about borrowing from payday loans providers, and borrowed money from a neighbour. On the day of his death, in January this year, he asked another neighbour to be a guarantor on a loan for him. After he refused, Davies took his own life.

The coroner heard that Davies had been making enquiries about borrowing large sums from payday loans providers, and had borrowed £1,500 from a neighbour. He was trying to get another neighbour to become a guarantor for another £3,500 loan, but they refused.

His mother Tracey said she knew her son was in debt, but he had not talked to her about it. His father said that Davies had previously run into money trouble, but had seen a debt management company, and made an arrangement to repay the money. His father thought that was an end to the matter, and did not know his son had started trying to borrow money again.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Bolton Coroner Alan Walsh said: 'Kenny kept himself to himself and kept his thoughts to himself. I believe he was a very private man, who could not bring himself to share his problems with friends, family or any one close to him. It is likely that those problems related to debt."

Clearly no-one can know what happened here except for Davies.

However, it shows just how devastating debts can be, and how important it is to tackle debts properly, and get the help you need.

What can you do?

If you are facing problem debts, there are five things you must do immediately in order to avoid your problems spiraling out of control.

1. Face up to them. This is the hardest bit, but it's the only way you are ever going to sort debt problems. Sit down, work out what you owe, and get a full understanding of how dire things are.

2. Get help. Don't assume it's insurmountable, go to a debt charity and they will work through everything with you. No matter how serious your debt problems are, they will have a solution for you.

3. Change how you think. Up until this point you may have seen your biggest problem as not being able to borrow the money you need. You need to change the way you think, so you see the borrowing itself as the problem.

4. Change your habits. Most debts are caused by people simply spending more than they have coming in. The only way to change this is to radically re-think what you need to spend in order to get by.

5. Keep getting help. This isn't a one-hit wonder: there's still a mountain to climb once you have got help with your debts. You need to be able to talk to people you know and trust whenever you hit a bump in the road.

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