Deal-hunter uses IKEA promotion to help homeless



IKEA has relaunched its 'All The Furniture You Can Eat' deal - offering free food - in the Nottingham store. Deal-hunters tracked down the offer and shared it online, and one decided to use it to help a local homeless shelter.

So what would you do with this deal?

The deal

The idea behind the deal is that if you eat at the IKEA restaurant, then you receive a voucher for the same sum as you have spent on food (so if you spent £8 on lunch you would get a voucher for £8).

As long as you are spending £30 in store, you can then redeem that voucher against anything you spend on the same day. It effectively means that whatever you spend on food you are getting for free.

Yesterday the users started sharing the information that the Nottingham store had revived the offer, and would be running it until 21 April. Cossy 15 who found the scheme said: "It's not really noted anywhere, couldn't see it on the website or signage in store. It was pointed out to me by the cashier and is on the receipt." They added: "So if you want something from IKEA, why not go and splurge massively in the cafe, they sell things that could easily be taken home like sweets and drinks.

The potential

The site's users were keen. Chemista said: "There's no such thing as a free lunch... until I saw this deal."

Others highlighted that the potential savings were huge. Reward Reaper said: "So suppose you're planning on buying a £500 sofa. You could walk into IKEA and basically get £500 of food for free." Richard Moran added: "Is buying alcohol from the restaurant included? I've got a stag do on Saturday and we were looking for something different to do. This might mean that the groom could fit out his new house."

One member, scatman69, put it to particularly ingenious use. He was intending to spend a large sum, so decided to use the deal to benefit others. He said: "We took an empty suitcase and bought all the cartons and bottles of drink and all the ready-made sandwiches and cakes. Came to £94. Got voucher back to spend in store and dropped everything off at the local homeless shelter on the way home. Excellent."

Sadly IKEA has confirmed to AOL that the deal is only on in the Nottingham store, and will not be rolled out nationwide.

But what do you think? What would you do with this deal? How many hotdogs and meatballs would you eat if you knew they would be free?