'U' street homes top prices list

Upper PhillimoreProperties in streets beginning with a U tend to be worth more than those starting with any other letter of the alphabet, a study has found.

Homes on roads which start with the letter U are typically worth £251,307 - which is around £25,500 more than the average house price, according to property search website Zoopla.

The most expensive street beginning with this letter is Upper Phillimore Gardens in Kensington, west London, where a house is worth around £5.6 million.

At the other end of the spectrum, the streets starting with the letter Z have the lowest average property values. Homes on these streets are worth £180,046, which is one fifth less than the UK average of £225,804.

Streets beginning with T and O came in second and third place respectively in terms of the highest average property values. Meanwhile, roads starting with J recorded the second lowest prices and the letter A was far from A-list, recording the third lowest house values.

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The website also found that vowels beat consonants when it comes to house prices. Streets beginning with a consonant have an average house value of £222,789, which is £6,306 lower than those beginning with a vowel.

Zoopla spokesman Lawrence Hall said: "It seems that there may be more to a street name than meets the eye.

"With a £70,000 difference between the average property price on streets starting with the letters U and Z, and a £6,000 difference on average on streets beginning with vowels and consonants, it is advisable to select your street wisely."

The website took its findings from analysis of average house prices in more than 750,000 UK streets.

Factors damaging property value

Factors damaging property value