Expat pensioners' income decimated

The buying power of expats has been hammered in the last 10 years. New stats reveals that the buying clout of eurozone expats, on average, has plummeted by 22%.

However the greatest buying power hit has been endured by UK expats in Australia. Currency squalls has seen their buying power decimated - by up to 47%.

Still the lucky country?

In a new survey of 50,000 expats, pensions administration company Equiniti claims an expat living in the eurozone with a £5,000 annual pension ten years ago could expect an income of €7,300. Today, that £5,000 would buy you just €5,692.

The biggest losers, says Equiniti, are people who moved to Australia who have seen a £5,000 pension plunge from AUS $13,625 to AUS $7,253, a drop of 46.7%. These expats are additionally penalised because their UK pension is frozen - a double blow - despite, in many cases, a long history of building up state insurance payments.

Jamaica and South Africa winners

"Ten years ago the value of sterling," says Equiniti Paymaster Keith Boughton, "was significantly higher than it is today, and those emigrating abroad for their retirement enjoyed considerable value from their pension. A plummeting pound has left many expat pensioners unable to make ends meet and struggling to find other ways to protect the value of their pensions."

However, better news for expats heading for South Africa and Jamaica where there has been an increase in the buying power of their pension during the past ten years.

Property upside

Globally, most retired people will find it difficult to escape surging food prices as supply chains become increasingly connected and the influence (and power) of commodity price speculation increases.

Bear in mind though that British expats who bought property in Australia ten years ago will likely have done well in terms of capital appreciation. Australia has seen property prices surge massive in the last five years (though questions are being asked about its long-term sustainability).

Day-to-day cashflow however is a different issue.

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