Osborne meets parents over costs


Chancellor George Osborne has met parents to talk about UK Government plans to help working families with childcare costs.

The Conservative MP paid a visit to the Daisy Day Nursery in Llanishen, Cardiff.

He spoke with mothers and fathers about his recent Budget, which featured a package to subsidise a portion of childcare costs.

Under the £1 billion scheme, up to 2.5 million families will be able to claim vouchers.

But the proposals will only apply to couples where both parents are working or a single parent who is in employment.

Mr Osborne chatted with a group of parents at the day care centre - asking them about their individual circumstances and what kind of support they needed before speaking to reporters.

The Chancellor insisted the UK Government was treating ordinary working families fairly despite its public spending cuts and changes to the welfare system.

He said: "Well we've taken child benefit off the richest 15% of the UK population and what we are introducing instead is tax-free childcare for the whole population.

"Many working families here in Wales, who don't get much support for their childcare, will be able to claim up to £1,200 towards the cost of their childcare. That is a huge support for people across the country."

Budget 2013: Winners and Losers

Budget 2013: Winners and Losers