Cash incentive to switch nappies

Parents are being offered a £100 incentive to ditch disposable nappies and switch to traditional washable alternatives instead.

Hard-pressed families struggling to make ends meet in the recession can save up to £500 per child by making the switch, it is claimed. Council chiefs in Swansea want to help reduce the mountain of disposable nappies piling up at landfill sites every year.

In Wales alone more than 200 million disposable nappies are thrown out annually and they account for 4% of all UK household waste. The plastic contained within the unpleasant-smelling bundles can take up to 500 years to decompose.

As a result, Swansea Council has teamed up with the Real Nappy campaign in the hope a cash incentive will convince families to make the switch.
Trish Flint, Swansea Council's recycling officer, said: "Parents can dispose of a huge amount of nappies while their child is using them. The majority of these will end up in landfill sites.

"The aim of the Real Nappy campaign is to highlight the alternatives and benefits for parents. There's probably a belief that real nappies are a bit messy and take a lot of effort.

"Real nappies have come a long way in the last few years. They are now shaped and come in a range of funky colours and designs. Modern washing machines make life easier for parents too. Parents can use biodegradable nappy liners which simply just flush down the loo."

For more information about the Real Nappy Campaign and to sign up for a £100 cheque, visit: or email

Save money on shopping

Save money on shopping