Shop worker guilty of lottery syndicate fraud


Maidstone Crown Court

Shopkeeper Imran Pervais, from Gravesend in Kent, has been found guilty of trying to con a lottery syndicate out of a £80,000 win - by telling them they had won just £10.

Pervais had argued it was just an honest mistake, but Maidstone Crown Court disagreed.

The fraud

As we reported yesterday, syndicate manager Callum Crosier went to Moores Convenience Store in Gravesend - where Pervais worked - and handed over four tickets bought for his syndicate for the previous Saturday's National Lottery draw. The first came up with a £10 win, and when another ticket came up as another winner, Crosier asked if it was another £10 - to which Pervais replied that it was.

It was only a few days later when Crosier returned to work and checked the numbers that he realised the ticket had matched five numbers and the bonus ball, and therefore should have been worth far more. He returned to the shop, a different cashier found the ticket screwed up on the floor, and Crosier took it back.

The National Lottery investigated, and discovered that the line had been scanned, so Pervais should have known about the full extent of the win. They contacted police.

Pervais argued that it had been a genuine mistake, and that he had no intention of trying to claim the money for himself. However, the jurors disagreed. They found him guilty, and he will be sentenced at a later date. According to ITV, the judge warned him that he could face jail.

Crosier told BBC South East: "I was gutted because I was in charge of it [the syndicate], so I'd felt like I'd let everyone down, and also that I'd put trust in someone and they attempted to rob me."

Camelot said in a statement: "We have stringent operations in place to prevent and detect fraud and to monitor suspicious activity, and where we believe unlawful activity has taken place, we will not hesitate to work with the appropriate enforcement body."

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