Anti-cuts group plans new protests


An anti-cuts direct action group is planning fresh protests next month to mark the introduction of controversial changes to welfare payments.

UK Uncut said it will organise civil disobedience across the country on April 13, dubbing the demonstrations Who Wants To Evict A Millionaire?.

The group said it planned to bring cuts home to "millionaire misery-makers" to highlight cuts to benefits coming into force next month, especially to those with a spare bedroom in their house.

UK Uncut is believed to be considering targeting the homes of individuals.

UK Uncut supporter Sam Atkinson said: "We must ramp up the resistance against the attack on benefits for everyone. The cap on benefits and the bedroom tax will have disastrous effects for people. It will make them poorer and potentially homeless.

"People on benefits are not the problem, as the Government would have us believe. We know it's the banking system, tax avoidance, and the Government's austerity policies that are designed to make rich people richer and everyone else poorer.

"There have been protests across the country and now it's time to hit the streets again and take civil disobedience so we can't be ignored.

"We're going to bring our protest to the homes of millionaires who have got loads of spare rooms and are directly benefiting from, or pushing, the cuts to housing benefits that are making people homeless. We are going to show them that we will not accept their unnecessary cuts."

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