Would you buy a mobile that costs £1?


The world's cheapest mobile phone is now up for grabs, at the cost of just £1. The Alcatel One Touch 232 is hardly the smartest of phones, but for £1 and no need to sign a contract, we can't really expect it to be. All the company asks is that you buy £10 of credit and you're ready to go.

So would you buy it?

The phone

The phone's functions aren't all that spectacular. You can make calls and send and receive texts. There are also a couple of tools, so you can listen to the radio, use the torch and the calculator, play some simple games, use a basic calendar, and set yourself an alarm. However, there's no data, no apps, and no smart functions.

The phone itself has gone on sale on prepaymadia.co.uk, on the O2 Network. The website told The Daily Mail: "'Not everyone wants the latest and most trendy phone."

It added to The Metro: "'It's a fairly simple phone and does all of the basics, it's perfect for people that aren't worried about having the best phone out there."

Would you buy it?

It seems strange that in a world where more iPhones are sold every day than there are babies born, that manufacturers would think there was a market for a phone that costs roughly the same as a chocolate bar and has no way of accessing Angry Birds.

However, cheap phones have got something of a foothold in the market. At the moment Carphone Warehouse's bestsellers list includes four for under £5 - the Nokia 100 and two Samsung phones. It also includes the Alcatel One Touch 228 on Vodafone, at £2.95 plus £10 top-up.

There are various reasons why people go for the phones. They may simply see smartphones as out of their price bracket. Alternatively they may be buying a second phone, for a child or an older person who needs to be able to get in touch in an emergency, and doesn't need to check into Facebook every five minutes.

But what do you think? Would you buy one? Let us know in the comments.

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