Most now recycling not binning


Most people are choosing to recycle, reuse or sell unwanted goods - from clothes to mobile phones - rather than throw them away, a survey has suggested.

Ninety-four per cent do not usually throw clothes away, with almost two-thirds (61%) donating unwanted garments to charity and 12% recycling them, a poll of more than 1,000 people revealed.

Younger people are more likely to sell clothes, with 14% of 25 to 34-year-olds cashing in on their old outfits, compared to 8% across the population as a whole.

Most people do not throw away mobile phones either, according to the poll by Ipsos Mori for Climate Week, with 96% saying they did not bin their unwanted handsets.

Around two-thirds (65%) recycled, resold or gave away their mobile phones, the poll suggested.

More than eight out of 10 people (83%) recycle on most days, although one in 20 (5%) throw away food on a daily basis, the survey found.

The research also revealed that almost two-thirds (63%) want to help prevent climate change and more than half (56%) believe their actions can make a difference.

Climate Week chief executive Kevin Steele said: "Our survey clearly shows that people in Britain want to protect the environment and are taking action every day that helps to do so.

"This picture is confirmed by the half a million people around the UK who are attending events run for Climate Week."

The national Climate Week campaign, supported by politicians, celebrities, businesses, charities and scientific groups, aims to promote ways people can live and work more sustainably.

Save money on shopping

Save money on shopping