£50,000 - cost of that extra pint

Pint of beerThe cost of a drink-driving offence has been highlighted as the Government launched a road safety spring offensive.

It has been calculated that the personal financial cost of drink-driving for the first time can be between £20,000 and £50,000.

This reflects the fines, legal costs, rise in insurance premiums and possible job losses faced by offenders.

To emphasise the point, Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond showed off a "£50,000 pint" - a pint of beer in a protective glass case surrounded by security guards.

The costly pint, the one that could take a driver over the legal alcohol limit, forms part of the Government's latest £1.68 million THINK! campaign, which includes TV and radio adverts warning of the dangers of drink-driving.

Mr Hammond said: "It might only look like a humble pint of beer, but it could end up costing much more than a few quid. In fact, it comes with an eye-watering hidden cost if it pushes you over the limit.

"Most people know not to drink and drive but a small number still do, which is why we are highlighting the consequences of a drink-drive conviction through our THINK! campaign.

"Anyone thinking of drinking and driving should be without any doubt. If you are caught driving over the limit, you will face a heavy court fine and lose your licence. You could even go to prison."

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