£13 long-life Nokia mobile can last a month


New Nokia handsetsIf you are the sort of person who uses a mobile phone to do little more than make calls and send and receive texts, it may come as a relief to know that the backlash against multi-feature smartphones appears to have begun.

Nokia has unveiled a simple mobile phone that can last for 35 days on a single charge. And better still, it costs just £13 - or more than £500 less than the iPhone 5.

The new phone, which weighs 70g (including the battery), has a colour display, an FM radio and a torch.

Called the Nokia 105, its powerful battery can last for up to 35 days if the phone is left on standby, or for 12 and a half hours of talk time.

Nokia, which is marketing the handset as "the ultimate festival phone" in developed markets, also believes that it will appeal to those in emerging markets where electricity is less reliable, as well as those seeking a cheap back-up handset.

A Nokia spokesman told the Daily Mail: "The phone was created to offer the essentials – phone calls and SMS – but also some desirable extras."

According to UK Mobile Review, these also include multiple alarms, user-friendly menus and a speaking clock.

The 105 is not the only new Nokia phone set to go on sale in the near future, though.

The Finnish manufacturer is also launching a new low-cost smartphone, the Lumia 520, at a cost of £120, and the 301, a non-smartphone that offers low-cost internet access and a camera for £56.

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