Plaster found in supermarket chicken



Marie Doyle, 24-year-old from Sittingbourne in Kent, was unwrapping the pre-cooked bird for her Sunday dinner when she discovered something that made her stomach turn: there was a blue plaster stuck to the chicken.

She took the bird back to the shop and demanded a full investigation. But what are her rights, and how unusual is this sort of thing?

> According to the Daily Mail, when Doyle unwrapped the pre-cooked chicken she found a blue plaster had been stuck to the bottom of the bird.

She took it back to the shop and was offered a refund and a £50 gift voucher. She took the refund but refused the voucher and demanded an investigation.

An Asda spokesperson told the Kent Messenger: "We do take this very seriously and have taken the necessary measures to make sure this doesn't happen again. This includes re-briefing colleagues on health and safety processes."


Perhaps surprisingly, this sort of thing isn't uncommon. Foreign bodies are found in food all the time. We reported a couple of weeks ago on the human tooth found in a Tesco sausage.

Then back in September we wrote the tale of the dead mouse in the BLT sandwich. And around the same time Christina Carrington, from Chandler's Ford, Hampshire, found a live frog in a mixed leaf salad from Waitrose. She decided to keep it in the fridge overnight while she waited for someone from Waitrose to come round and collect it.

There has also been the dead mouse in the jar of Asda Extra Special curry sauce and a one inch nail buried in a macaroni cheese.

And plasters have gone astray before too. There was one found in a cheese and ham Tesco sandwich in Kidderminster in 2010... the same year that another was fund in a Tesco steak pie in Cardiff. And a year later another was found baked into a Tesco baguette in St Neots.

So what are your rights when this sort of thing happens?

Asda has done everything it is required to under the law - and more. All supermarkets have to do is offer you a refund, although most will also offer a goodwill gesture.

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