Postman jailed for destroying 30,000 letters


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Jabur Hissan, a 32-year-old postman from Birmingham, has been jailed for eight months for destroying almost 30,000 letters that he should have delivered. The vast majority were buried in his garden, while hundreds more were burned or dumped.

So why did he do it, and is he the first?


According to the Daily Telegraph, jailing him at Birmingham Magistrate's Court, District Judge Jack McGarthar said: "There is a serious risk, there were bills in the mail and people were not able to meet their responsibilities, letters to loved ones and more." He added: "Postmen are in a position of very high trust and you have seriously breached that position."

Hissan admitted arson, criminal damage and delaying post. His lawyer said that he thought he was getting rid of junk mail, and that he was having personal problems and was struggling to keep up with his rounds.

Not the first

The odd thing is that this isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened. Back in November 2011 we reported the case of Postman Paul Willicot, a 44 year old from Paignton in Devon, who was found guilty of hoarding 30,000 letters and parcels in his home.

He said there was no evil intent behind his hoarding. He didn't have time to deliver everything during the day and started to let it build up. He was planing to post it all when he had the time, apparently, but never got round to clearing the backlog. He was sentenced to 280 hours work and ordered to pay £1,700 costs.


For anyone who has ever been left hanging on by post that went astray in the system, this story will strike a nerve. There's no doubt that the vast majority of what is pushed through the door nowadays is junk.

There's also no doubt that at the bottom of the pay scale there will be those who feel they are not sufficiently rewarded for carting heavy bags of this junk around - especially given that nobody really wants it anyway.

However, buried in with it is a host of vital post, from cheques to bills and demands. If posties are being overwhelmed with the amount of post, and are feeling that too much of it is worthless, then you're only going to get more and more of these sorts of stories - and more of the vital letters will go astray,

This may be a wake-up call for Royal Mail to revisit its junk mail policy, and stop overwhelming posties and homeowners with endless tonnes of rubbish.


On the other hand, this may just be an excuse. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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