Charity shop returns £9k stuffed down the back of a sofa


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Staff at the Emmaus charity shop in Batford, Hertfordshire, returned an astonishing £9,000 to the owner of an old sofa who had donated it to the charity. They found the cash and contacted police - who tracked the owner down. They were rewarded with £500 for their honesty.

So is this the most unusual thing ever found by a charity shop?

Staff at the homeless charity told the Daily Mail that the cash was made up of £50 notes, which had been put in a drawstring bag and hidden in the sofa. The owner had apparently hidden the money down there and then forgotten it for the best part of a decade. The man, who is in his 70s, gave the charity £500 as a thank you.

The staff were concerned that it might be vital cash that someone would be lost without. One staff member told the St Albans Review: "With that kind of money we thought it must be somebody's deposit if they were moving house or it was an elderly person and it was their life savings. We decided to phone the police and let them deal with it."

However, they were happy with the donation even when they discovered it was from a wealthy man who had just forgotten about the surplus money.

Odd finds

It's not something your typical charity shop finds every day. However, it's not the first time this sort of thing has happened. In May 2011 a British Heart Foundation shop in Rugby found £1,300 stuffed down the back of a sofa. It was returned to the owner who donated £100 to the charity.

And there is no shortage of oddities donated.

PDSA recently revealed their most peculiar recent donations, including a suit of armour in Kilmarnock and an urn filled with ashes in Perth.

Emmaus in Gloucester compiled a similar list, which featured a coffin, a bag of human hair, a bird's nest and sacks of potatoes.

Oxfam in Bristol, meanwhile, discovered a hand grenade among one bag of donated items, and called the police. In the end the road was sealed off and the bomb squad was called.

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