Brake failure forces driver to 125mph


Speeding car Frenchman Franck Lecerf was forced to career across northern France and into Belgium at 125mph after the brakes failed on his Renault Laguna 3 last Saturday.

Lecerf, 36, was only planning to go to his local supermarket, but ended up on a white-knuckle ride during which he saw "his life flash before his eyes".

Lecerf, who lives in Pont-de-Metz, near the northern French city of Amiens, is now planning a legal complaint about the specially adapted car, which jammed at 60mph before accelerating to a terrifying 125mph and staying there.

In a nightmare driving scenario, the car sped up every time he tried to brake, forcing him to plough all round the northern French coastal motorway before ending up in a Belgian ditch surrounded by a fleet of French police cars when his petrol finally ran out.

According to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Lecerf managed to call emergency services shortly after realising that his car was malfunctioning.

A number of police cars were dispatched to escort him for the rest of his journey, which ended up lasting for almost 125 miles.

It was only on arrival in Alveringem in Belgium that Lecerf, who had been waved through three toll stations on his travels, finally managed to swerve into a ditch as his petrol ran out.

He suffered two epileptic seizures as a result of the ordeal and is now planning legal action against Renault for "endangerment of a person's life".

Despite his ordeal, however, Lecerf was very lucky - by no means all those travelling in cars on which the brakes fail get out alive.

Earlier this month, the Huffington Post reported that eight people had died and dozens had been injured when a tour bus crashed in California after the driver experienced braking problems.

To avoid having the same problem with your vehicle, driving experts advise regular services to keep your brakes in tip top condition and using your gears to control your speed when travelling downhill to reduce the pressure on your brakes.

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