Speeding Judge slapped with £5k fine

A 58-year-old Judge clocked speeding in his Merc in central London at double the speed limit spent the best part of a year trying to duck the charge.

Kuldip Singh QC has taken three points on his licence and a fine. But he has now been ordered to pay £5,000 for costs and wasting valuable court time.


Singh's powerful 3.2 litre C-Class Mercedes jumped a Central London red light almost 1.5 seconds after it turned red in November 2011 while travelling at more than 60mph - double the speed limit.

Singh, a Deputy High Court Judge, eventually pleaded guilty to not obeying the red traffic light after Judge Quentin Purdy told Westminister Magistrates' Court too much court time and resources had been taken up by Singh's case.

Several lever arch files were handed over as part of Singh's defence efforts. "For reasons I well understand," the Mail reported Purdy as saying, "but I fear Mr Singh does not, the lengthy and extensive paperwork overwhelmed the City of London traffic prosecution team and indeed the Crown Prosecution Service, which is simply under-resourced to deal with such paperwork."

Full costs

"I am also ordering you to pay the full costs of the proceedings as this prosecution been a fallacy from the start and the cost to the public purse should be reimbursed," Purdy was quoted in the Telegraph.

The irony is that Singh could have settled the case almost immediately by paying a £60 on-the-spot fine with three points added to his licence. However Singh claimed he wasn't given the option.

Unusually, he was also not charged with speeding - only failing to comply with a red traffic light. His legal challenge cost £4,769 in costs, plus a £15 victim surcharge.

Cars most likely to be caught speeding

Cars most likely to be caught speeding