Cameron ducks personal tax question

David CameronPrime Minister David Cameron has dodged questions about whether he would benefit from the cut in the top rate of tax due to come in this April.

Under Government plans, the top rate is to be cut from 50% to 45% for those earning more than £150,000.

Labour MP Stephen Pound said he wanted to know whether the Prime Minister would benefit from the tax cut.

In a question to Mr Cameron, he said: "Can I ask you whether you will tell the House whether you personally will benefit from the millionaires' tax cut this April?"

Mr Cameron replied: "I will pay all the taxes that are due in the proper way. But the point I would make to you is that all the years you sat on this side of the House there was a top rate of tax which was lower than the one we are putting in place and I didn't hear anything from you then."

The Prime Minister's aides indicated in April last year that Mr Cameron was "relaxed" about the idea of his tax returns and those of other senior Cabinet ministers being published, and a Downing Street source said that this remains the case.

However, the source said that work on how such a publication would be handled had yet to be completed.

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