Footballer Tweets pile of cash: leaves Twitter


Michael Chopra's Tweet

Michael Chopra, an Ipswich Town striker, has apparently quit Twitter, after deciding the best way to get revenge on those who were tweeting about his financial problems was to Tweet a photograph of a pile of what looked like thousands of pounds of cash.

So what did he do, and is this the daftest money mistake on Twitter?


According to the BBC, Michael Chopra, the 29-year-old footballer, became known for borrowing £250,000 from his club in 2011 to help pay off gambling debts. Then in January he said he could not afford to pay £50,000 to defend himself at an inquiry into horseracing corruption.

His Twitter followers were referring to his financial problems, so he posted a photograph of piles of cash - although it's unclear where or when the photo was taken. He tweeted: "Keep tweeting me about being in debt haha love it #cash #skint #lol #lendmeafiver."

He quit Twitter shortly afterwards, and according to a report in the Mirror, Ipswich Town has confirmed that he made his own decision to leave the social network.

Not the first

There's an argument that in this particular case, Chopra has made his share of mistakes, and this latest won't have anyone reaching for the smelling salts.

However, it's a reminder of how easy it is to make a mistake on Twitter, and how high the stakes can be. In some instances the fallout can be financial too.

Just ask anyone who Tweeted false allegations about Lord McAlpine and has been threatened with expensive legal action, and they'll remind you of the importance of thinking before you tweet.

Likewise, ask ex-chairman of the Indian Premier League Lalit Modi what he thinks of Tweeting before serious contemplation. He was found guilty of having libeled former New Zealand cricketer Chris Cairns on Twitter, and ordered to pay damages of £90,000 and costs.

Given that, according to a survey by law firm DLA Piper, 68% of Twitter users in the UK have "little or no awareness of their legal responsibilities", it's another reminder of how essential it is to think before we Tweet.

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