Research urged over bundle deals

Remote controlCustomers are spending millions of pounds on television channels that they never watch, according to a new survey.

The average household spends £199.32 a year - meaning a total of £2.7 billion across the UK - for channels that they have bought as part of a TV, broadband and home phone bundle.

The Vision and Value report, jointly commissioned by the Post Office and Freeview, also showed that 69% of those questioned are signing up for broadband speeds that exceed their requirements.

Hugh Stacey, head of home phone and broadband services at the Post Office, said: "While bundles can be tempting, this report shows they provide far more than the average person needs and millions of people are clearly paying for services they never use.

"Consumers need to carefully align what they need to what suppliers are offering as part of their bundles."

A total of £8.1 billion is spent each year on bundle deals in the UK, according to the survey.

The average monthly spend on a bundle is £49, with £22 of that going on extra TV channels, the Post Office and Freeview said. But three-quarters of respondents' viewing time goes on free-to-air channels.

Over-65s pay an average of £51 a month but watch one hour of TV a day on paid-for channels and use the lowest amount of data out of any age group.

The research showed that 69% of people do not use all of the broadband capacity that they pay for, the survey said.

Mr Stacey added: "With so many deals on the market, reviewing them all may seem like a daunting prospect. However, by simply doing a bit of extra research before signing up, the savings could be considerable."