Dorset man stuck with 10,000 Lance Armstrong DVDs


Lance Armstrong

There were plenty of people who were shocked when Lance Armstrong admitted to Oprah Winfrey that he was a drugs cheat, who had used banned substances while he accumulated his record seven wins of the Tour De France. However, few were as shocked as the Dorset businessman who had just bought 10,000 copies of 'The Science of Lance Armstrong'.

So what will he do now?


The DVD was made in 2005, and claims that Armstrong's "superhuman physiology" was instrumental in his victories, and promised insights into the 'secrets of his success'. One secret, however, didn't make this particular DVD.

Lance Armstrong had been dogged by doping rumours throughout his career. In August last year he was stripped of all his competitive results since 1998 by the US Anti-oping Agency - which should have been a bit of a clue that all was not right, and then last week he came clean in an interview with Oprah that he had used banned substances in all his famous Tour De France victories.


Karl Baxter, of Wholesale Clearance in Poole, revealed to the Dorset Echo: "There was a slight amount of risk. There was suspicion but he wasn't admitting to it. I was hoping the problem would die down and I would be able to find a home for them. Now I don't think I would get a tenth of the money back." He added: "I just wish he had either kept his mouth shut a bit longer or not done it in the first place."

He is still bravely trying to sell them in a positive light on his website, although confusingly among the claims made for the man's achievements, it lists 'the first man on the moon' - which may provide some clue as to how the site owner could have made such an error of judgment.


Fortunately, there are plenty of people out there willing to suggest alternative uses for the DVDs. On cycling website, users have come up with some suggestions including: "He could do as Lance did and mislead the public by re-labeling them as 'Cycling for Beginners'" or that they could be sold as deluxe windscreen snow scrapers.

Meanwhile on Wholesale Clearance's Facebook page, suggestions included re-labeling them as fiction, and one person suggested he "Do the right thing and give them to a reCYCLING centre!!!"

Of course, he's not the only one stuck with these DVDs. One Twitter response was from a cycling shop clerk who said the shop couldn't give them away. Evans cycles, meanwhile is trying a 61% off deal.

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