Gingers offered 10% Oddbins discount

Bankers, Germans, journalists and red-heads. All in their way unloved, claims wine seller Oddbins.

So the aforementioned hate groups now get a 10% discount. Mums are included in Oddbins 'unloved' category and can claim a discount from today till Sunday. Redheads need to show their mane while Germans will need a passport or ID card.

Money off for minorities

"We're not talking about Yo Momma, we're talking about all Mommas," says the Oddbins spin machine. "Mums generally have it rough. We aren't saying that Dads don't pull their weight, but we think it's fair to say that Mums shoulder an uneven proportion of the burden during the year and particularly over the festive period."

But why Germans? They're cautious with the purse strings, they lead the world in eco-technology, they make decent cars and beer and gave us Beethoven and Kraftwerk. Their sausages aren't bad. Yet they can't throw off their first half of last century nastiness, it seems.

"We think it's time Europe stopped giving Germany the finger and instead show some neighbourly love and extend a nice firm, efficient handshake instead," says Oddbins.

Ginger hate?

The ginger-haired are described by the wine merchant as the "final taboo". (Since when have red-heads been outright unattractive, Oddbins?). Greg Rutherford, Damien Lewis, Bryce Howard, Christina Hendricks, Prince Harry.... No ginger mingers in that list.

So, a clever piece of PR that has got media outlets talking. Shame that the 10% discount isn't more generous. Oddbins - it went into administration in 2011 before being part-revived by Whitalls Wine Merchants - offered a 30% discount last year to anyone who came into their stores with products from companies who weren't sponsoring the Olympic Games.

It even got the Olympic organisers' legal team interested in the promotion, though in the end they didn't take action against the wine merchant.

In the meantime, if you belong to any of the above-mentioned hate groups (alleged), check your discount date.

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