25 millionaires for the new year


Mylene KlassGeoff Caddick/PA Wire

Twenty-five lucky ticketholders will start the New Year as millionaires due to a special EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle.

Following on from the 25 millionaires created at Christmas, the National Lottery's New Year's Day draw will guarantee to make 25 further Britons a million pounds richer.

Myleene Klass said: "January will be a very different month if you bank £1 million on New Year's Day.

"Good luck to everyone, and if you get your ticket early, remember to keep it safe on New Year's Eve, ready to check the next day.

"It would be a wonderful feeling to become a New Year new millionaire and a great start to 2013."

The National Lottery has revealed that it has created more millionaires in the past year than ever before.

It has paid out more than £850 million to 323 new millionaires in 2012, up from 229 in 2011.

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