Young rate Lidl higher than Twitter

Budget supermarket brand Lidl has beaten a bunch of well-known brands - including Twitter and Waitrose - for retail respect amongst 18-24 year olds.

The Youth 100 Survey interviewed more than 1,000 young people for their views on a broad bunch of big names. And the gut emotions of those interviewed could cause some worry lines for big name brands.

Young love

"Young people are taking the first hit of adult life and sharing their experiences through word-of-mouth and expression," the Beans Group says, author of the report. "They have the capacity to propel ideas into the mainstream."

It's not just Lidl that saw a surprising amount of young love directed at it. Morrisons also came out well - slightly higher, in fact, than the German budget retailer.

"It is interesting they see Morrisons above Waitrose and Lidl," says the report. "They have set out to differentiate themselves and focus on freshness and quality. The results imply that young people are looking for more than price."

Little time for Virgin

Retailer losers? Sole Trader, American Apparel, Toni & Guy and JD Sports all saw poor scores in contrast to much better ratings from H&M, Ikea, New Look and Schuh.

In terms of financial players, both Visa (81 points) and the Post Office (73 points) scored decently - as well as the Co-op (72 points). The worst financial performer by some margin was Virgin Money (just 16). Other Virgin offerings didn't come out well from those interviewed.

"Virgin Media customer service is rubbish," one respondent said. "We're paying for 50 Meg but we can only get 25 Meg. They charge a premium rate but they can't do anything."

Stand out

"It's worth repeating," says the report, "this generation also possess some incredibly positive attributes that are too often forgotten: they're pragmatic, open-minded, highly informed and ethically aware. Hence taking into consideration those values when making brand adoption choices i.e. the Co-op's ethical values makes them stand out."

Only Boots was universally loved, with YouTube, Google, and Cancer Research not far behind.

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