Tesco fights back in price match war


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Tesco has launched a trial for a new price promise, which will price-match your shopping in much the same way as Sainsbury's does, and offer you a coupon at the till.

The scheme may eventually replace the existing price comparison deal that has garnered the company so much bad press.

The scheme

The new scheme, reported in The Grocer, will price match the shopping as it goes through the till with Asda and Sainsbury's. If you would have paid less for your shopping elsewhere you will be given a voucher for the difference - up to the value of £10.

It's strikingly similar to the Brand Match scheme at Sainsbury's - except it will go beyond the major brands and compare supermarket own-label goods too.

The trial is being run in 28 outlets in Northern Ireland. If it is successful it will be rolled out in the new year. The article said that elsewhere in the UK prices may be compared with Morrisons too - which doesn't have stores in Northern Ireland.

In fact it has been running online since February - but Tesco is seeing how popular it will be in stores.

Price promise wars

The price promise wars have been raging for some time now. This is the latest salvo, after Ocado joined the price match fray in October - price matching against Tesco.

Sainsbury's, Asda, Waitrose, Tesco and Ocado all now offer high-profile price matching schemes - all of which are slightly different to one another, so in theory you could pick up the same basket of shopping in all five and be told by each retailer that you got the cheapest possible deal with them.

Tesco has been on the back foot since it was forced to introduce a price cap for its exciting scheme, because too many customers were finding things cheaper elsewhere. It can only hope that offering people a coupon at the till erases the memory of this - despite the fact that the £10 cap remains.

It's interesting to see the supermarkets jostling for market share, but the same rules apply to your supermarket shop as usual: if you want to get your groceries for the lowest possible price, you need to shop around, do the price comparisons yourself, and take these promises with a big pinch of cut-price salt.

But what do you think? Are you swayed by these deals? Let us know in the comments.

High Street casualties

High Street casualties