Boris in 'divorce in London' plea

Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson has made an extraordinary appeal for billionaires' wives to sue for divorce in London.

The capital's mayor insisted the capital was the perfect place for "injured spouses" to take their wealthy other halves "to the cleaners".

The call came in a speech to the CBI conference, in which he also delivered a series of jibes at coalition policies.

He dismissed "absurd" proposals for a tax raid on owners of expensive homes, warning that high rates of personal taxation would make Britain less competitive.

He also again demanded that a third runway be ruled out at Heathrow Airport, and mocked turnout in the recent police and crime commissioner (PCC) elections.

Hailing the capital as the "chief glory of the UK economy", Mr Johnson said it dominated the world in the areas of law, property, insurance and accountancy.

"I would never encourage anyone to sue, but if one oligarch feels defamed by another oligarch, it is London's lawyers who apply the necessary balm to the ego," he said.

"I have no shame in saying to the injured spouses of the world's billionaires if you want to take him to the cleaners... take him to the cleaners in London. Because London cleaners will be grateful for your business."

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