Can new John Lewis advert top last year?


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John Lewis' Christmas adverts have gained a bit of a reputation. After refusing to advertise on TV until five years ago, it has created a number of memorable specials. Last year's, involving the boy who can't wait to give his parents their Christmas present, was something of a tear-jerking hit - with 4.32 million hits online.

So does this year's live up to our expectations, and does it do the job it is actually intended to?

The advert

The advert features an endearing snowman, making an epic journey. He treks across the landscape, before making it to the city and to the shops. Only at the very last second do we discover that he has being making his journey in order to bring back presents for his snow wife. As with last year, there's no John Lewis branding until the very end.

The advert was filmed in New Zealand, as it was made in July and needed to be able to guarantee snow. The tear-jerking soundtrack is the Frankie Goes to Hollywood 1984 classic, the Power of Love. This time it's sung by 20-year-old newcomer Gabrielle Aplin, a folk-singer from Bath. She has had no exposure so far but is already being tipped to be a Christmas number 1.

So is it as good as last year's classic? Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

Can it sell?

The question is whether it will be effective. The advertising agency Spoon Fed Design says there are ten things an advert has to do in order to sell things:

1 Grab people
2 Be creative
3 Make your point loud and clear
4 Don't make people think too much
5 Use colour effectively
6 Be informative
7 Stand out
8 Give off a feeling
9 Show not tell
10 Use a metaphor

This one certainly ticks a number of these boxes. It creates that Christmas-y feel, and has become a date in the diary every year. It is creative and will no-doubt stand out. The question is whether it makes its point loud and clear - or indeed whether it makes any point at all.

John Lewis has a number of selling points: from its customer service to its longer guarantees and reputation for sourcing. However, this advert throws all these out of the window to associate itself as the destination for the Christmas romantic.

But is this wise, does this advert work, will it actually manage to sell things? And do you prefer this year's advert or last year's? Watch last year's below and let us know which is your favourite in the comments.

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