Beware the new Asda gift card scam


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Asda has issued a warning to customers about a new scam spreading across the internet, which claims to offer a free gift card, but is actually designed to make money for the scammers - and exploit your personal details.

So what are the scammers up to, and how can you protect yourself?

The scam

Asda took this step after an email started circulating telling people they have been 'rewarded' with an 'Asda Shopping Gift Card' as part of a promotion to 'celebrate' the supermarket's birthday. The email asks recipients to click a link to apply for a Gift Card worth between £50 and £1,000.

Anyone clicking on the link is taken to an 'offers' page, which then requests highly detailed personal details. The owners of the offers page then pay the scammers a referral fee. The small print on this page reveals that they reserve the right to sell your personal details on to anyone who will pay for it - leaving you prey to an inundation of junk emails and letters.

The supermarket issued a warning, saying: "Please be aware this email has not been published by Asda. We'd encourage you not to follow the link or forward the mail on." It added: "Please always be very careful with your personal information online and do not respond unless you are confident that the source is genuine."


A Facebook incarnation also appeared, encouraging people to 'like' the offer in order to enter - which would then spread it onto their friends.

Graham Cluley, a technology expert with Sophos said there was a risk that those who received the message through Facebook might click without thinking: "Unfortunately, many people take a message shared with them by their Facebook friends at face value and don't think twice about clicking on the link," he said.

He added: "Stop making it child's play for scammers and spammers to pollute Facebook with their money-making campaigns. You should always think twice about sharing links on Facebook - after all, you may be doing the bad guys' dirty work for them. If you were fooled into participating in this scam remove the message from your newsfeed, so you are no longer spreading it with your online chums."

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