Revealed: the top postcode for credit in the UK

Credit cardsLive in Slough? Is your first name Brian or Helen? Surname Edwards? According to a recent report, you're likely to have the best credit profile in the UK.

Research from has revealed the top postcodes in the UK for a robust credit profile, along with the names and surnames likely to catch the eye of credit providers.

Brian came out on top for men, with Alan, Ian, Peter and Robert taking the remaining top five spots. For women, Helen was placed at number one with Susan, Julie, Elizabeth and Joanne filling the top five.

At the other end of the scale, Lisa and Daniel took the unfortunate position as the names most likely to have the lowest average credit profile. SA1, Swansea was revealed as the area with the poorest average credit profile, 10% below the national average.

However, as Nerys Lewis, head of credit cards at highlights, being a Brian or Helen Edwards won't automatically improve your credit rating over being a Lisa or Daniel Thompson: "While our research shows the names with the best and worst credit profiles in the UK, people's names are obviously not a rating factor when looking at credit. So if you're called Brian you won't automatically be gifted with a great profile, or penalised because your name is Lisa."

The UK postcode with the highest average credit profile among its residents is SL4, Slough. However, it's not all good news for Slough residents. A report by Experian last May saw Slough overtake London as the identity fraud capital of the UK. The area recorded 25 identity fraud attempts for every 10,000 households, with residents targeted at around four times the UK national average.

Credit concerns

Maintaining a good credit record is key to securing a mortgage or getting a credit card or loan. Making sure you pay your bills on time, building a credit history and registering to vote are some of the ways you can keep your credit score in good shape. You can read about more ways to improve your credit in Five credit score boosters.
Highest average credit profile
RankingMale nameFemale nameSurnamePostcode
1 Brian Helen Edwards SL4, Slough
2 Alan Susan Lewis GU34, Guildford
3 Ian Julie Wright M33, Manchester
4 Peter Elizabeth Evans SS7, Southend-on-Sea
5 Robert Joanne Jones P06, Portsmouth
Lowest average credit profile
RankingMale nameFemale nameSurnamePostcode
1 Daniel Lisa Thompson SA1, Swansea
2 Lee Victoria Johnson B37, Birmingham
3 Matthew Emma White TQ2, Torquay
4 Steven Nicola Clarke EH6, Edinburgh
5 Christopher Claire Williams WV14, Wolverhapmton

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